This is the Hotels and resort 
you can  fully enjoy attractive Japanese scene yourself. AKAO RESORT


The location is easy to access from Tokyo, Nagoya and Kansai Airport. 
It is attractive location with plenty of Japanese sightseeing highlight.

Welcome to hot spring resort gATAMIh AKAO resort has two hotels(Hotel New Akao, Royal Wing) , the beautiful vast garden(Akao herb and rose garden) and beach area( Akao beach resort).
Here is space of natural , environment, culture and hospitality.
And Atami is only 50 minutes from Tokyo by Shinkansen, It is easily reachable distance to Mt FUJI as well.
We have free shuttle bus service from Atami station 9:30 to 17:30.

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By Train

From Tokyo
Take JR Hikari or Kodama Shinkansen Bullet Train from Tokyo Station to @ Atami Station
(45 minutes / 4,280yen)

From Osaka
Take Hikari Shinkansen Bullet Train from Shin Osaka Station to Atami @ @Station.
(2 hours 20 minutes)

atami access_map by train

By Car

From Tokyo
Toumei Expressway Atsugi I.C Odawara-Atsugi Highway Odawara Manazuru Road Atami Beach Line

From Osaka
Tomei Expressway Numazu IC Nekkan Road Route11 Atami

atami access_map by car


From JR Shinjuku station(Tokyo),transfer to Fujikyuko (express)bus,get off at Kawagutiko station. From Kawagutiko,take the bus "to Fuji Gogome".

By Car
1.From Chuo expressway Kawaguchiko interchange,take Fuji-Subaru Line to Gogome(harfway point).
2.From Tomei expressway Gotenba interchange,take Fuji-Skyline to ShinGogome.
3.From Tomei expressway Fuji interchange,use NishiFuji road,then take Fuji-Skyline to ShinGogome.