By train

From Atami Station
Atami Station - (approx. 10min by shuttle bus/ approx. 40min on foot) - Akao Resort

(From Atami station to Akao Resort, it takes 10 minutes by taxi, approximately 1,500JPY.)

Please use the scheduled free shuttle bus from Hotel to Atami Station, which guests of the Hotel can use (Please take about 10 minutes).
Reservation is unnecessary.Please come to the direct bus stop.

  • The scheduled free pick-up bus will leave the ticket gate on the right handed roundabout # 678 (McDonald's Front).
  • Please use the bus and taxi outside the bus service hours above.
  • A free scheduled pick-up bus is available for guests of Hotel New Akao and Royal Wing.

Customers who only use Akao Beach Resort Akao Herb & Rose Garden Hana-no-Yousei can not ride. Sorry to blame you, please use public transportation.


JAPAN RAIL PASS is a very economical and convenient ticket which enables you to travel around with JR Line, which connect major cities in Japan. There are several restriction on purchase. Please find the detail below.

(Notice: The JAPAN RAIL PASS is valid only for the most of the service operated by JR, and therefore it is usable for all the train networks in Japan.)


By bus

When using a local bus, take JR Atami Station No. 6 from JR Atami Station to the Tokai Bus No. 6 area, going to Ajiro"Ajiroasahi-cho" "Kobodaki" (Tokai Bus)

  • Hotel New Akao you are using the Hotel New Akao or Royal Wing, get off at the Nishikiga-Ura bus stop
  • Akao Herb & Rose Garden you are using Akao Herb Rose Garden Akao Herb & Rose Garden, get off at Akao Herb Rose Garden bus stop

If using the Yu-yu Bus Bus "Yu-yu Bus", take a JR Atami Station from JR Atami Station from Tokai Bus No. 0, and get off at "Nishikiga-Ura" bus stop

From Narita Airport
Narita Airport - (Keisei Skyliner / approx. 40min) - Nippori Station- (JR Yamanote Line / approx. 10min) - Tokyo Station- (Shinkansen "Hikari" (JR Bullet Train) / approx. 40min) - Atami Station

From Haneda Airport
Haneda Aiport - (Keikyu Airport Express Line / approx. 25min) - Shinagawa Station - (Shinkansen "Kodama" (JR Bullet Train) / approx. 50min) - Atami Station

From Tokyo Station
Tokyo Station - (Shinkansen "Hikari" (JR Bullet Train) / approx. 40min) - Atami Station

From Shinjuku Station
Shinjuku Station - (JR Yamanote Line / approx. 20min) - Shinagawa Station - (Shinkansen "Kodama" (JR Bullet Train) / approx. 50min)

From Tokyo Disney Resort
Maihama Station - (JR Keiyo Rapid Line / approx. 10min) - Tokyo Station - (Shinkansen "Hikari" (JR Bullet Train) / approx. 40min) - Atami Station

From Kamakura Station
Kamakura Station - (JR Shonan Shinjuku Line / approx. 5min) - Ofuna Station - (JR Tokaido Line / approx. 35min) - Odawara Station - (Shinkansen "Kodama" (JR Bullet Train) / approx. 10min) - Atami Station

From Nagoya Station
Nagoya Station - (Shinkansen "Kodama" (JR Bullet Train) / approx. 60min) - Atami Station

From Shin Osaka Station
Shin Osaka Station - (Shinkansen "Kodama" (JR Bullet Train) / approx. 80min) - Hamamatsu Station - (Shinkansen "Kodama" (JR Bullet Train) / approx. 65min) - Atami Station

Atami sta.→Akao Resort
o'clock Min
8:     45
9:   30  
10: 00 30  
11: 00 30  
13: 00 30  
14: 00 30  
15: 00 30  
16: 00 30  
17: 00 30  
Akao Resort→Atami sta.
o'clock Min
8:   30  
9: 15   45
10: 15   45
11: 15   45
13: 15   45
14: 15   45
15: 15   45
16: 15   45
17: 15    

By car

From Tokyo
Tokyo - Atsugi IC - Odawara Atsugi Road - Mazuru Road - Atami Beach Line - Atami - New Akao Resort

From Osaka
Osaka - Numazu IC - National Road 1st Line - National Road 136th Line - Nekkan Road - Atami - New Akao Resort