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you can  fully enjoy attractive Japanese scene yourself. AKAO RESORT

about us

We would like to enrich your journey with traditional Japanese hospitality.

We are here for every our customers.

The origin of the word "Hospitality" arises from selfless love to others. The word "Resort" means vacation spot, and also has the subtle connotation of "Re-sorting" yourself, that is, reexamining yourself and ordering your idea or feelings. Akao Resortfs identity is exactly this. The conviction"Love and Creation"is the ideal we uphold, meaning to always think with our customer's point of view, to take priority of customerfs feeling and to keep our place for the customer to get refreshed and rediscover yourself.

We are the resort that grows along side nature.

Akao Resort is on a site of 750,000‡u in Nishikiga-Ura, one of the most scenic spots in Izu. The founder who was very impressed by the unique place and scene, established this resort without destroying the nature. Now we are still growing up along side nature. Hotel itself fits in the land like a big tree. You can enjoy the ocean and moon outspread before you and dynamic view from your room. Over the four season, garden show you 6 expression through a year, to create a blissful moment which soaks into your mind.

The resort consists of 4 facilities which fit in the nature perfectly.

"The Akao Resort dukedom" is located in the heart of nature Nishikiga-Ura enclosed by the sea and the mountain, and consists of two hotels of "Hotel New Akao" and "Royal wing" and four facilities of "Akao Herb & Rose Garden" and "Akao Beach Resort" on a vast site of about 750,000‡u. It is resort that genuine nature outspread before you. The Route 135 connects each facilities, there is 6 sightseeing bus stations on the 3km stroll path. Traffic infrastructure are maintained. In addition, marine sports at the summer time, leisure facilities such as heated swimming pool and the relaxation facilities such as the hot spring of private sources and the esthetics, etc. It is the best also for the extended stay.
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